Colour Grading with Lightroom


In this tutorial I will be sharing some tips on how to create different looks in Lightroom. I will be adding more to this page.

Vintage look

Super easy and quick. Change shadows and colours a little bit to achieve that vintage effect.

1- Tone Curve

Create two points on the curve.


2- Change colour


3- Result


Vibrant, cool and bright

This is a very popular look with bright colours and low contrast. It’s a very easy look to achieve simply by changing Saturation, Curves, Exposure and Contrast.
If you wish to view more examples of this click on the links below. I’ve edited all the images using this technique.

Before and After

Lightroom Colour Grading   Lightroom Colour Grading


Changing the tone curve at the top (shown in the picture below) affects the highlights and shadows.

Lightroom Colour Grading


Changing the saturation makes the colours pop out, just make sure you don’t add too much saturation, otherwise you’ll end up with extremely bright colours.


Add a little contrast and exposure according to your preferences.

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