More pictures of LA! Hope I’m not getting boring with these pictures but I’m moving soon and I keep finding these old pictures which I would love to share them with you guys.
We went in January but we still managed to get a few hot days which was nice considering the weather so awful over here.
Our hotel was situated in Melrose Av. All I remember is having a lot of burgers, going on a very dodgy bus which seemed to stop every 10 seconds to let people in and a guy on stilts dressed as a tree. And that’s L.A for you! I do remember having a brilliant breakfast at a Jewish cafe, lovely little place, very friendly people and trying to see a classic film at a small theatre only to realise that there was in fact a party going on at the back, which they were kind enough to let us in. It seemed that every museum we went to was shut and we ended up in Chinatown where no one spoke a word of English! Oh and how could I forget about the very menacing looking guy holding a knife whilst listening to ‘Love Hurts’ by Nazareth. It was just like being in a film.






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